Friday, July 10, 2009


me, dad n mom all sitting together watch TV.

dad : y u two jus now went to the market never buy any snack meh?

me : snack? wut snack? chips? twisties?
(i tot u don like snack?!)

dad : ceh.. stil got other things geh..

me : then wat? biscuit?

dad : ...

mom: biscuit ah, biscuit kitchen got mar.. eat too much biscuit oso not good wor. high calories. later get fat.
(mom always complain im fat)

dad : ...

me : u tell me lah. i buy for u lor.

dad : ... tat day the cookies (you made) not bad mah.

mom : hahaha... ah teng, den u understand wut to do lar, har?

(i made cookies when father's day, only spend two days already finish all the cookies)

me : -_- oooh, un la, un la..

dad : pizza oso not bad wor. made for tmr lunch la.. how bout ice-cream leh, heeh?

me : oh.. i wan to try mango ice-cream too.

mom: fat ah, fat ah!

finally, i did made the cookies, again. guess will finish very soon.

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