Friday, August 13, 2010

vintage Chandelier

Don't know why. i just love this chandelier. So vintage, feels like back to 80's. i wonder where i can get this cuties... for my new house?! ha...
found this when i go survey with my colleague in Sungei Wang. We were looking for shoes design, and suddently i was looking at the shop display. cos the shop looks so old and warm. reminds me back to my 1st home in my hometown, Raub Taman Aman.
Aiks.. Home sick now. Gonna bac hometown when merdeka.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dream house

wish i had a house like this. so sweet. Home sweet home~

there's a new branch opening for SSFHome at Puchong Jaya. im gonna find someday to go for a walk there. hehe~ but there's nothing i can get i guess, cos is very expensive =_= even i had a RM100 cash coucher. maybe just a vase. haha~

Im Bac!!!!!

yup. im bac to write something in this blog.
is gonna be lots lots of images here.. hehehe.. watch out...

Yesterday went to MidValley. survey.
Me and my colleague went in to the Action City at the garden. And i saw this.

FujiInstax!! again.

Im not sure how much they sell it. they got White, brown, white/pink and white/blue. The upper side with lots of small boxes, im not sure that's a instax film, it sell Rm16++ per box. How lovely ^_^

log on to their website for more

oh. my. god.

I really canot resist. totally fall in lov wit this baby.
but its so expensive... 3K wor~

lov it. lov it. lov it.
This Olympus Pen E-PL1 12MP Digital SLR Camera comes with 14-42mm / 40-150mm double lens. i like it got the vintage look. But most important is the art filter. it can made the photo turns out just like lomo. It got pin-hole, pop art, gentle sepia, diorama*. Is so easy to get a reallllly nice photo.

*knock**knock* head dizzy
face the reality la...

truth is i really not enough budget to get one. *sob*

image from google search